Valentina Bravo

Editor – Translator – Content Creator

What I Can Offer You

As an editor & proofreader

Academic papers, non-fiction books, museum catalogues and poetry fanzines. I’ve worked with texts and clients from all over the world, helping them communicate their ideas in a clear and effective way. My passion is to help your writing be the best that it can be!

As an ENG<>SPA translator

Need a translation into or from Spanish? I’ve got your back! I have over 8 years of experience translating texts in the English-Spanish pair. From subtitling documentary films to translating engineering manuals, I’ve tried my hand at projects from all fields of knowledge.

As a content creator

I’ve written articles for travel magazines, website contents, posts for social media, operation manuals for publishing houses, and annual reports for universities. Need someone to write up content for your business, site or social media? Let’s make it happen!



Editor and proofreader

Translator and Editor, in charge of production

Proofreader and producer for the Spanish translation

Editor, translator, producer

About Me

My name is Valentina. I was born in Chile, raised in Ecuador, and I’ve lived in five different countries and speak 3 languages fluently. I’ve worked with people from all over the world, in projects of all shapes and sizes. I’m a versatile translator and editor, focused on producing clean, effective writing.

I hold an MA in Crossways in Cultural Narratives, an interdisciplinary degree in Literary and Cultural studies, Visual Culture, Linguistics and European Humanities. I also have a background in Translation Studies and Philosophy. My education has helped me become a skilled researcher and communicator.

Beyond my work as a freelancer, I’ve been involved in a variety of academic and cultural environments, serving as Deputy Director for a Pre-Columbian Art Museum, and Director for a small University Press. I’ve also run writing workshops, coordinated language cafe’s, and volunteered for Translators Without Borders.

In my spare time I enjoy reading and learning about all things under the sun, dabbling in photography, and traveling around the world.


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Currently living in Vietnam
but I’m always on the move!

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